• Integrated Facilities Management System

    We are an integrated facilities management (IFM) services company in Malaysia for buildings and facilities maintained by the Division for Government, Commercial and Healthcare sectors. The services are Facility Engineering Maintenance Services, Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services, Cleansing Services, Linen & Laundry Services, Healthcare Waste Management Services, Ground & Landscape Services and Pest Control Services. Our extensive portfolio in facility services and integrated facilities management has solidified our position as one of the top facilities management companies in the country. 

    This Division’s mainly engaged in Concession, awarded by the Federal Government to provide integrated facilities management (IFM) services to the Southern Zone (comprising the states of Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan) and Sarawak. In addition to the Concession, we have been contracted to undertake the Critical Asset Refurbishment Programme (“CARP”), whereby we will undertake repairs, refurbishments and replacements of critical assets as predetermined by the Federal Government for the buildings and facilities under the Concession. The tenure for both the Concession and CARP is for a ten-year period from 1 January 2016 till 31 December 2025.

    Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services

    Modern medical technology has made it possible for us to enjoy the latest medical treatment and diagnosis. It is a combination of technological innovation and human biology which allows useful medical equipment to be developed and deployed in various hospitals, clinics and health institutions. At AWC, we provide Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services for biomedical equipment and assets. Being highly specialized, the medical industry demands precision and reliability. Our professional technicians are well-trained to make sure that each medical equipment is properly maintained via our Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services.

    Healthcare Waste Management Services

    Healthcare Waste Management Services are different compared to conventional waste disposal. Healthcare waste is labelled as a bio-hazard, which means that they carry the risk of contamination when not handled properly. These are potentially harmful substances that require specialized expertise when it comes to transporting and disposing of the waste products. From transit to disposal, we take precautionary measures to prevent spillage and minimize any risk of contamination. Our Healthcare Waste Management Services offer proper sustainable waste management that is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Facilities Engineering Maintenance Services

    Regardless of your facility is new or old, keeping systems and equipment running smoothly is always a must. Properly services and maintained buildings can ensure efficient performance, minimize disruptions and conserve energy consumption levels. We here at AWC provide Facilities Engineering Maintenance Services. Our professional team is experienced in carrying out maintenance for facilities across many various industries. From planning to execution, our Facility Engineering Services will take all the necessary steps to ensure that your systems are running at optimal performance.

    Building and Facility Management

    Making sure that your systems are properly maintained is a key component in making sure that your operations go smoothly. At AWC, we provide building facilities management solutions to keep your building systems at optimal efficiency. Our dedicated team of professionals will be responsible for the planning and execution of all management works. Our optimal performance delivery keeps your building and facilities running smoothly. AWC’s services include building management, facilities management, industrial facilities management and commercial facilities management.

    Disinfectant and Sanitization (Infectious Disease)

    We have experience maintaining large and high-volume hospitals in Malaysia and we are G7 certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Works. We strictly apply the most state-of-the-art procedures when it comes to disease cleanup and disinfection. We continually consult with the Malaysian Ministry of Health for up-to-date solutions and utilize KKM approved disinfectants. 

  • Notable Projects

    • Southern Zone and Sarawak Zone Government Buildings
    • Wisma Mahmud
    • Menara Celcom
    • Harriot Watt University Malaysia (HWUM)
    • Menara OBYU
    • MITI Headquarters
    • Galeria PJH
    • Hospital Shah Alam
    • Menara Kidurong, Bintulu Port
    • Kompleks Kementerian Luar Negeri (MOFA)
    • Kompleks Kementerian Luar Bandar Dan Wilayah Malaysia (KPLB)
    • Kompleks Kementerian Komunikasi Dan Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM)
    • Palace of Justice (POJ)
    • Gambang Halal Park
    • Pahang Technology Park
    • Kuantan Integrated Industrial Park
    • Customs Immigration & Quarantine Complex (CIQ)
    • Bank Negara
    • Menara Felda
    • Johor State Government Clinics
    • Apartment & Banglo Istirehat KWSP Port Dickson
    • Educity, Nusajaya
    • Pasir Mas Halal Park
    • Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras (HRC)
    • Cheras Leisure Mall
    • Cheras Plaza
    • Sega Ria Apartment
    • Proton Edar
    • Bangunan KWSP Kota Bharu
    • Johor Bahru Sentral
    • Institut Kanser Negara

    AWC is the premier provider of total asset management and provides “one stop” integrated facilities management services to building owners, whose hallmark is commitment to quality, consistency and safety.