• Gravity Vacuum System

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  • Refuse will be thrown into the chute via Volumetric Control Hopper Door.
    When the refuse reaches the pre-set level, STREAM Control Centre (SCC) will trigger the Centrifugal Fan (CF) to create the vacuum and airflow inside the piping system. &nbsp

    The Discharge Valve (DV) will be opened to discharge the refuse to piping network. Primary Air Intake (PAI) will be opened to allow the air.

    The refuse will be transported via the piping network to Bin Center in the speed of 20 – 25 m/s.

    In the Bin Center, the refuse and air will be separated in the Waste Container or Waste Separator.

    The air will be filtered, DEODORIZED and discharged.


Automated Gravity Vacuum Waste Management

Modern waste management is not just about setting up several rubbish bins around your facility and call it a day. A large scale facility or commercial building requires the most efficient and effective system to properly dispose of solid waste. In this case, an automated waste management system can be the ideal solution. Our Gravity Vacuum System is an industry-leading automatic waste collection and management system.

AWC’s automated vacuum waste collection system is designed to keep up with modern high-performance demands. It is an automatic waste collection system that uses a piping system that transports waste at high speeds to a central Bin Center. When refuse is thrown into chutes that are connected to a central piping system, a STREAM Control Centre triggers the gravity vacuum system once it hits a pre-set threshold. The refuse is then transported into the main collection chamber where it can be processed and collected before being trucked away. 

An automatic vacuum waste collection and management system will be able to facilitate proper separation of waste as well. The best feature is that all of this can be done at high speeds to ensure clean and efficient disposal of waste.