AWCS addresses two major problems currently faced by the authorities in managing the waste collection and management. Firstly; irregular collection schedules due to the high number of separate collection points coupled with the often delay due to road congestion and secondly; leachate spillage onto the streets caused by conventional rear loader garbage trucks not being adequately sealed. Through the use of the STREAM, developers (during the planning stage of a new development) are able to strategically locate the Central Waste Handling Facility (CWHF), to prevent garbage trucks having to access their development areas to collect garbage. The STREAM container is completely sealed, thus guaranteeing that no leachate spillage occurs during loading and transportation to the transfer station.
Whilst most utilities such as water, sewerage, gas and power have evolved to become underground infrastructure over time, the way waste is handled is still fairly ancient and continues to use the bucket system. STREAM is also capable of being applied in the same manner as modern utilities to serve a large development, with the waste being transported to a collection centre up to 2.5km away.
STREAM Filter System removes fine particles and odour before it is emitted to the environment. Our system has the ability to transport and store various types of waste separately through a single pipe.
Large catchment area of up to 2.2km radius
Removal of municipal solid waste through underground pipe networks
Automated waste separation systems
Single or multiple 30-ton module collection stations
Consolidated waste collection decreases the time waste remains within the development building/bulding
Frequent removal improves hygiene, reduces pest and odour problems
Less truck movement, better security, lower carbon emissions.
Apartments and Condominiums
Convention Centres
Recreational and Tourist Parks
Mixed Developments
City Centres
Transport Terminals
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